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Apr 2024
05 April 2024

The New RDA

After years of preparation, a completely new version of the metadata standard RDA (Resource Description and Access) came into effect on December 15, 2020. The standard is now fully in […]

08 April 2024

Basic Patent Information Course – Online (BPIC)

Succesful innovation is inseperable from the proper use of Patent Information, both concern the legal-patent aspects as well as the technical-scientific aspects of the innovation process. However, the use of […]

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24 April 2024

Introduction in AI for Libraries

A 3-hour training on  'AI in the library' where we discuss Chat GPT and similar applications and their role within information services.

30 April 2024

Design Thinking for GLAM-professionals

2 x 3-hour online course, in which you will learn how to start Design Thinking in order to optimally align your solutions and services with the needs and behaviour of […]

May 2024
14 May 2024

Disruptive Technologies and New Skillsets in Library 4.0 (Online course)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), drones, robotics and blockchain technology, are all examples of fourth industrial revolution (4IR/IR 4.0) technologies which have […]

14 May 2024

Marketing of Information Services (online)

After completing the course you will understand the basic principles of marketing and you will have the skills to promote your products and services in an attractive and efficient way.

15 May 2024

Records management in the digital era (online)

Many organizations use network drives to store and preserve documents and information. Usually these drives are used by several employees. Without proper alignment on how to use these shared drives […]

15 May 2024

MARC21 (Online)

For decades the MARC standards (Machine Readable Cataloguing) forms the basis for cataloguing in the library. Through the years, MARC is adjusted to developments in the field, so that by […]

20 May 2024

Improving findability; the basics of tagging, metadata and keywords

3 hours hands-on online workshop on improving the findability of content by making use of metadata, tags and keywords.

21 May 2024

Introduction Data Management for GLAM (online)

Correct, timely and complete data and information are the artery for efficient business operations and decision-making in every organisation. With a data architecture, including rules, models and standards, an organization […]

Jun 2024
03 June 2024

Getting Started as a Community Librarian

With the change in the role and function of the library, the desired competencies of employees are also changing. One of the trends that has emerged recently is the transition […]

04 June 2024

Introduction Knowledge Graphs (online)

The general public is familiar with the knowledge graph of well-known commercial projects, such as the Google Knowledge Graph and the Facebook Graph. But a knowledge graph can also prove […]

11 June 2024

Strategic use of social media (online)

Our ‘Strategic use of Social Media’ course is an online learning program, which can further deepens and explores some of the most popular social media applications. You will experience the […]

11 June 2024

Professional internet research (Online)

In times of Information Overload it is very important to be able to ‘filter’. This is especially true for information specialists who deal with supporting research. The secret of effective and […]

25 June 2024

Visualization of knowledge (online)

A picture says more than a thousand words. But what if you have more than 1000 words? And what if there are specific relations between those words? Can you capture […]