GO | School for Information proudly presents a new course: Searching for information with AI

A 1-day course on the (im)possibilities and changes of search using AI (content generators).  The course provides an in-depth exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of information search. From the latest developments in generative AI and Large Language Models to practical applications of advanced tools and applications, this course provides an in-depth understanding of how AI is transforming the search experience. Explore the future of information management and discover how AI is changing not only search, but also the creation, storage and verification of information.

The course is intended for anyone in information services who wants to gain knowledge and insight into the (im)possibilities of AI in the context of information searching and finding.

The course covers the following topics:

  • The possibilities of AI in information services.
  • AI is more than the recent hype around ChatGPT.
  • AI is here to stay – especially for every information professional
  • The fundamental change of online search
  • The developments in generative AI and LLMs (Large Language Models).
  • Useful tools and applications.
  • The downsides of AI-generated information.

Visit the website for more information and subscription.