Improving findability; the basics of tagging, metadata and keywords


Finding content is more than just search: metadata, tags and keywords are an important aspect of improving the findability of content. However, adding these tags to content, also called indexing, is not as easy as it might seem. This workshop introduces the basic principles of tagging and indexing. It will start with some theoretic principles, guidelines and things to take into account. But you will also learn by doing: the workshop also contains some hands-on exercises on assigning tags to content.


After completing the workshop, the participant knows the basic principles of tagging content with metadata and keywords.

 Target audience

This workshop is suited to everyone who is interested or obligated to assign metadata and keywords to content, like documents or assets.


During the workshop you will learn by doing. The workshop contains hands on exercises on assigning tags to content.


The workshop covers the following topics:


  • Metadata: what is it, and the different types of metadata
  • Differences and similarities between metadata, keywords, tags, terms, concepts
  • Controlled and uncontrolled indexing
  • When do you need a controlled vocabulary or taxonomy
  • How and when to use and combine facets like place, time and isness
  • The importance of conventions on metadata and keywords

20 & 27 May 2024 ( 2x 3 hour Online video classes)

26 June & 3 July 2024 ( 2x 3 hour Online video classes)

USD 150,00 (VAT exempt)



07:00 PM  – 10:00 GMT+1

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