Building Blocks search strategy (online)

This course will solve an issues that many information professionals are dealing with on a day to day basis: how to keep track in a systematic and structured way of your queries while doing online research and be able to continue your research on a later date without starting all over again

Target audience

Delegates to the course are expected to:

  • Be moderately experienced users of Internet search engines, though not professionals
  • Have basic technical skills to to install tools and software on their machine and know how to connect to the Internet;
  • Have a good understanding (talking/listening) of the English language..


After completion of the course, the student will:

  • Be able to apply the Building Block search strategy for a very systematic and structured search ;
  • Be able to apply the RIS Online Journalling technique to record the queries and maintain a journal to structure the research and be able to continue the research on a later date without having to do everything again ;
  • Be able to work in collaboration with team and staff members.


During this 3 hour course our lecturere will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the required knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well.


The course will first of all explain and demonstrate the Building Block search strategy based
on concept analysis and semantical analysis of the research subject. After the initial setup,
the Building Block strategy will be demonstrated while at the same time using the journalling
The agenda looks as follows:

  • Kickoff of the course. Goals and objectives ;
  • Overview of the Building Block search strategy:
    • Identifying concept in a research subject ;
    • Exercises ;
    • Using the Semantical Table of Twelve to build sets of search terms ;
    • Thinking in sets while doing the Building Block strategy.
  • Setting up and maintaining the RIS Online Research Journal ;
  • Applying Building Blocks and the Online Research Journal ;
  • Final exercise : how to apply all this to your own subject ;
  • Group presentations ;
  • Summary, lessons learned and outlook.

Your lecturer

Mr. Arno Reuser

06 May  2021 (3 hour Online session)


USD 95,00 (VAT exempt)



1 session of 3 hours from 13:30 – 16:30 GMT +2.

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