About the Information Hero

An Information Hero is like a superhero, but instead of dealing with natural disaster, creepy criminals or lifethreathening situations he / she deals with the superpower of information!

The information hero knows the value of information. He knows when information is the right information, when information and its source are thrusworthy. He knows which information is useful for a specific user and how to get acces to it.

The information hero makes sure information is accessible for the right people in a way they prefer. The information hero is able to present information in an attractive way so it reaches the targeted audience. He uses the right (social) media for specific audiences.

In times of ‘Information Overload’ the skill to handle information (to create, to manage, to filter, to distribute and to preserve) is essential for an effective and efficient organisation. And while the importance of information increases day by day the appreciation for information services seems to decrease. Most of us have to deal with cutting in budgets for personel and/or innovation.

GO | School for information wants to help Information specialist, Librarians, Recordsmanagers, Contentmanagers etc etc with positioning themselves as an essential and valuable part of every organisation. We want to help you by improving your (digital) skills so you take the information services in your organisation to a higher level.

We want you to be an Information Hero!