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In-house training

Are more persons from your organisation interested in a specific course? Why not go for an in-house training. GO | School for Information is happy to provide the training at your chosen location.

And as no organisation is the same you might to adjust the topics of the courses to your specific wishes and situation. That is possible as well.

So you could say there are many advantages of a in-house training. These 8 are the most obvious.

The 8 advantages

  1. Fast results: We provide training when you need it. No waiting for several months for the starting date planned by us.
  2. Lower costs: The costs per employee are lower than for individual registrations.
  3. Time saving: The travel time is limited to regular commuting. No extra travel time and costs to an external training location.
  4. Tailor-made: We take all your requirements and wishes into account in the training topics.
  5. High involvement: With an in-house training the participants feel more involved because the examples and assignments come from their own organisation.
  6. Team building: In an in-house company training also stimulates team spirit. Everyone works simultaneously on improving his or her competencies and thus the quality of the team.
  7. Limited resistance: During an in-company training the feeling of obligation disappears. The participants see such training more as part of the work; resistance disappears.
  8. Administrative convenience: An in-company training means only one invoice for the entire group instead of several invoices per separate registration. In addition, we can take care of the administrative handling of the training for you.



Do you consider an in-house training for your organisation? Please contact us on 00 31 70 352 2380 or by email info@schoolforinformation.org .

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