Intelligent searching with intelligent queries (online)

 One of the most important parts of online research is in-depth knowledge on Boolean logic in information retrieval. Without a good understanding of the five main Boolean operators, no search makes any sense. This course will teach delegates how to compose complex Boolean queries that will return exactly what you are looking for, completely independent of the Internet search engine or online database of choice.

Target audience

Delegates are expected to:

  • Be a moderately experienced users of Internet search engines, though not professionals ;
  • Have some experience in using online databases ;
  • Have a basic understanding of query building using Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT ;
  • Have a good understanding (talking/listening) of the English language.



After completion of the course, delegates :

  • Will be able to apply the Boolean operators and enhanced operators to compose complex queries that will find exactly what is needed ;
  • Will be able to identify and correct common mistakes in Boolean query building for information retrieval ;
  • Will be able to recognise the drawbacks and limitations of Boolean logic in information retrieval.


During this 3 hour course our lecturere will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the required knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well.


The course will start with a basic overview of the standard Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. Ho to apply these in search, their purposes, goals and drawbacks. In the second part, two extra operators ADJ and PROX will be discussed to enhance the basic Boolean operators. Then, through a set of individual and group exercises, the application of the operators in building queries will be explained. The exercises are intended to make delegates feel comfortable with
Boolean query building and to make them aware of the many traps and pitfalls in composing productive queries.

From the content:

  • Discussion on the use and application of the basic Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT ;
  • Exercises in using AND, OR, NOT ;
  • Discussion on the use and application of the ADJ operator ;
  • Discussion on the use and application of the PROX operator ;
  • Exercises with ADJ and PROX ;
  • Query building with the five operators. How to compose the best queries in a systematic and structured way ;


  • To begin: AND and OR in basic queries ;
  • Things you want, but cannot do with Boolean search queries ;
  • Applying relations between concepts in Boolean queries ;
  • Concept analysis and how to apply these in search ;

The course will be highly interactive and will have many exercises. Therefor, the maximum number of delegates is limited to 20.


Your lecturer

Mr. Arno Reuser

    12 October 2021 (3 hour Online session)


    USD 95,00 (VAT exempt)



    1 session of 3 hours from 07:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT +2.

    Tel GO: + 31 70 351 2380

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