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Information for sustainable development

Information is needed for decision making, planning and policy development in relation to sustainable development, including important issues such as: preparation for the impacts of climate change, and the management of risks. Of course this  information needs to be: updated, complete and reliable, each aspect comes with its own requirements. 

Target audience

This course is aimed at everyone who is dealing with (shared) information in sustainable development projects. 


In 5 days of practical and interactive classes, our teacher will guide you through a wide range of topics of information management. Individual and group tasks will be used to ensure that all attendees understand the course material and can use it in their own work. The course includes a wide opportunity for interaction with the teacher to discuss the implementation of what has been learned in the specific work situation of the participants.

To get the best result out of the course we strongly recommend to bring your own device to the course.


After completing the course, the participant has the knowledge, perspective and skills to develop and implement a set of dedicated and pragmatic procedures and protocols for managing their organization’s internal information, and for monitoring its impact. As well as the appropriate knowledge, perspective and skills to include spatial information as a source of information to support the organization’s activities, and to properly manage spatial information in conjunction with information from other sources.


Module 1: Internal information management

Organizations produce and acquire information in increasing quantities. But how do we maintain the overview? Do we really get the most out of our internal information? How do we prevent information from being lost? The application of dedicated and pragmatic procedures and protocols for internal information management provides the solution.

This 3-day module is aimed at information management professionals who want to optimize the organization of their internal information and document management in order to improve their organization’s operations and performance.

Module 2: Spacial Information Management

Organizations with activities related to topics such as sustainable development, climate change and risk management are increasingly using information derived from Earth-orbiting satellite observations. These observations offer a number of advantages, such as large geographical coverage, which is impossible to achieve with traditional in site measurements and observations. But how can this information be properly managed and efficiently provided to users? And how can spatial information be integrated with information from traditional sources?

This 2-day module is aimed at information management professionals who have to deal with large amounts of information including spatial data and want to strengthen information management in an integrated way.

A course offered by GO | School for Information, in collaboration with P. Geerders Consultancy, The Netherlands

6 – 10 September 2020 in Panama City or tailor made at your own location (please send an email to info@schoolforinformation.org)

USD 650,00 (VAT exempt)


5 days from 10:00 – 16:30.

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