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Privacy Statement

GO | School for Information stands for a good management of personal and study data. Therefore, JEP training will handle this information with care. GO | School for Information adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). We do need your details to be able to help you properly. In this statement, GO | School for Information explains which data GO | School for Information needs from you and for what purpose GO | School for Information uses them.

Storage of your data

GO | School for Information stores the personal data that we receive from you or your employer. This concerns data that we receive for the purpose of the registration process and following a course and when registering for a newsletter. We collect and store the following personal data, among other things:

– Name (first and last name), address and other contact details.

– Information relating to the programme for which you have applied, including payment details.

– Correspondence about the training activity you will follow / follow.

– Personal data in the context of your training, such as your attendance, any results, homework assignments submitted and whether you have (successfully) completed the training.

Use of your data

GO | School for Information uses your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Registration and administrative processing of your participation in the course of your choice.
  • Taking care of your chosen programme.
  • Perform analyses so that GO | School for Information can improve its services (Course Evaluation).
  • Give advice about a course to be followed.
  • Keep you informed about all our services and products.
  • Send you the documents/information you have requested and respond to your questions.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations applicable to us.

Further explanation

– GO | School for Information anonymises the personal data that GO | School for Information uses for analyses. This makes you unrecognisable in our analyses.

– GO | School for Information works together with teachers who are not employed by us. They only use your data for the execution of services that are in the interest of your training. They may not approach you for other purposes or pass on your data to other parties.

– Finally, GO | School for Information may be legally required by government agencies or other parties to share your data. GO | School for Information will then only share the strictly necessary data.

LOGO and your data

LOGO is the online learning environment of GO | School for Information courses. Within this environment you will see details of your study programme, such as the programme, dates and locations, additional assignments and links to sources on the Internet, books and articles. You can also contact your instructor, fellow students and GO study programmes within LOGO. In this environment, the instructor and your fellow students will only see your name and email address. You can delete this yourself if you wish, but this will create obstacles to your progress. These data will be kept for as long as important for the progress of the training activity.

Security and retention period of your data

GO | School for Information protects your personal data against misuse and access by unauthorised persons using the techniques currently available for this purpose. GO | School for Information stores your personal data as long as required by law.

View, correct, update and delete your data

You may always view and/or correct or update your personal data. You can ask GO | School for Information to delete your data and no longer use them (if this is no longer necessary for the purpose of following the course).

A request to change your data can be sent by e-mail to info@goopleidigen.nl. After checking whether you have completed your training activity and the associated obligations, we will comply with your request within 10 working days.


If you do not agree with the way in which we handle your data, you can lodge a complaint with us at info@goopleidingen.nl

You can also submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority.

Use and operation of cookies

GO | School for Information uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small text files that automatically appear on your computer when you use the Internet. For example, a cookie records which web pages you view and which options you use. GO | School for Information uses this information to make its website more user-friendly, among other things.

In addition to cookies that ensure that you only need to enter data once, for example, GO | School for Information uses functional, analytical and advertising cookies.

Adjusting cookie settings

You can set your browser so that you receive a warning when the website uses cookies and wants to place them on your computer. You can also block cookies completely. How you do this is explained in this explanation by the Consumers’ Association. If you block cookies, the website may not work optimally.

Functioning of functional cookies

GO | School for Information uses functional cookies for the proper functioning of the website. For example, they ensure that GO | School for Information courses quickly display the correct information when you are on their website. Functional cookies are always placed on your computer. You will not be notified of this in order to give your permission.

Functional cookies used by GO | School for Information

– Cookie notification cookie

The Cookie notification cookie remembers whether or not your computer accepts advertising cookies, so that GO | School for Information can adapt its advertisements accordingly and this message does not appear more than once.

Operation of analytical cookies

Analytical cookies uses GO | School for Information courses to analyse how visitors use his website, for example how often his website is visited, on which page they arrive at his website and on which pages they click the most. GO | School for Information uses this information to improve the website. Analytical cookies are also always placed on your computer. You will not be notified of this in order to give your permission.

Analytical cookies that GO uses

– Google Analytics cookie

Google Analytics measures visits and behaviour on our website. Read in the Google Privacy Statement how GO | School for Information ensures that this data remains private.

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