Content Curation

In times of information overload it is important that the right person gets the right  information at the right time on the right device, presented in the right way with a minimum of effort. Sounds like mission impossible, but a Content Curator takes care of this. Under the influence of digitization new methods in the use of information arises, thus changing the role of the Information specialist.  One of these changes lies in the area of maximizing the value of information -.information produced by the organization and external stakeholders. The Content Curator is the person who can judge the value of content and has the insight and skills to find, publish, share or distribute, manage and re-create content with added value for the organization. The Content Curator brings Information Services, Marketing & Communications and the daily operation management together. By doing so, he/she has a central position in the organisation.


After completing this course, the participant has the right knowledge, insights and skills to gather (and monitor) the most valuable information available and facilitate the efficient and effective use of this information within their organization.

Target Audience

This online course is intended for information specialists who are ready to curate user focused information services and want to have an impact on their organisation by optimizing the use and value of this information.


During this 4 session online  workshop our lecturer will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the required knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well. To get the best result out of the course we strongly recommend that you bring your own device to the course.


The Content Curation course covers the following topics:

Content Curation 1

Introduction and Definitions

  • What is Content Curation and what it is not

The Place and Role of the Content Curator in the Organization

  • Integration with Other Departments

Knowledge and Skills of the Content Curator

  • Be a Information Hero


Social Media & Content Curation 1

Sharing your Content

  • Social Media
  • ‘Unknown’ tools, platforms and apps
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Platform vs. Target vs. Audience
  • Content related to platform

Content Curation 2

Goals of Content Curation

  • Organisational objectives in relation to content curation
  • The importance to the organization
  • Added value

Content Management

  • Reliability, accuracy, completeness

Create, Reuse and External Content

  • Blogging
  • Writing for the screen/mobile
  • Writing for Social Media
  • ‘Tone of voice’
  • Copyright/Creative Commons

  Content Curation 3

Effective and Efficient Content Curating

  • Tools, aids and measuring
  • Monitoring
  • The importance of measuring
  • Tools (applications) for measuring
  • Reporting

Determining Success

  • Goals
  • Analysis of results
  • Draw conclusions
  • Adjust/Adapt

$ 295,00 Online (VAT exempt)


15, 22 & 29 November and 6 December 2022 ( 4 x 3 hour online sessions)


4 sessions of 3 hours from 7 – 10 PM GMT +1

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