What else is out there except the World Wide Web? (online)

A good understanding of the global information landscape, especially with the Internet, is essential for information professionals. An information professional does not think Google, an information professional thinks sources. Especially now, in the Internet age, where many wrongly assume that the Internet is just the World Wide Web (WWW) and forget about all the other sources on the Internet that are not WWW.

The course will give a structured overview of the global information landscape, a crystal clear overview of all information available via the Internet that you will not find in the WWW, and show that Google in reality does cover only a fraction of what is out there. In addition, the Deep Web will be discussed and looked into.

Target audience

The course is ideal for delegates who are working in the information business, librarians, archivists, information professionals, security officers, law enforcement, analysts, etc.
Delegates are expected to

  • Be moderately experienced users of information sources on the Internet ;
  • Know how to install required software and tools on their laptop/desktop ;
  • Have a good understanding (talking / listening) of the English Language ;



After completion of the course, delegates will:

  • Be able to apply the global (digital) information landscape to their own environment ;
  • Have a structured overview of types and kinds of sources available in and outside the Internet ;
  • Understand and use the Deep Web / Dark Web with the necessary tools ;
  • ave a structured overview of all information sources available via the Internet except the WWW


During this 3 hour course our lecturere will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the required knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well.


The course agenda looks roughly as follows:

  • Introduction ;
  • Overview of sources in general, the global information landscape. Discussion on types and kinds of sources and presenting a mind-map of sources in a structured, logical order ;
  • Overview of sources on the Internet except the WWW: NNTP, IRC, FTP, SMTP, POP, SocINT, ListServ/Majordomo, etc. In addition, for each sources, tools will be discussed
  • To get access (exercises)
  • Where does Google come in. It is generally assumed that Google has access to the world’s information, at least that is what Google suggests. This module will show that Google in the overall information landscape only covers a small fraction ;
  • The Deep Web / Dark Web. Discussion on what the Deep Web actually is to prevent any misunderstanding caused by the popular media, than to try tools and techniques to get
  • Access to the Deep Web (exercises)
  • Summary, lessons learned and outlook.

The course will be highly interactive and will have many exercises. Therefor, the maximum number of delegates is limited to 20.

Your lecturer

Mr. Arno Reuser

20 May 2021 ( 3 hour Online session)

USD 95,00 (VAT exempt)



1 session of 3 hours from 07:00  – 10:00 PM GMT +1.

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