The New RDA

After years of preparation, a completely new version of the metadata standard RDA (Resource Description and Access) came into effect on December 15, 2020. The
standard is now fully in line with principles and practices that are common to linked data. Although the original RDA Toolkit from 2010 will remain available for some time for
use in describing titles, the RSC (RDA Steering Committee) advises users of the standard to familiarize themselves with the new RDA in preparation for
the transition to the new version.

Objective / Results

After completing the online course:
• You will be aware of the new concepts in RDA and the influence of LRM (the IFLA Library Reference Model) on the standard;
• You will know how the renewed RDA Toolkit is structured;
• You can place the renewed RDA in a broader context;
• You can evaluate your needs in order to immediately start working with the renewed version of RDA.

Target audience

• You are a title descriptor and use RDA in your daily cataloguing practice.
• You have already studied RDA in depth and would like to know what the new version entails.
• You are a metadata specialist and work with cataloguing data in that capacity.
• You work with linked data in a library or heritage institution and would like to know how to develop catalog data into linked data.


During the session, the following topics will be covered in an interactive way:

> LRM as an integration of FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD (similarities and differences)
> The entities in LRM
> Relationships and attributes in LRM
> The transition of LRM to RDA

> The Nomen entity
> Registration methods: options for capturing information
> Representative expressions and manifestation entries

> The RDA Toolkit and the RDA Registry
> Information about RDA entities and elements
> Guidelines, Policies, SES, VES, Community Resources
> Application Profiles


> Aggregates
> Diachronic works

N.B. this course does not cover practical implementation
scenarios or how to use the standard in specialised systems.


2, 9, 16 & 23 October 2024 ( 4 x 3 hour Online video class)

USD 295,00 (VAT exempt)



09:00 AM – 12:00 EST / 12:00 – 17:00 CET

Tel GO: + 31 70 351 2380

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