Records Management in the digital era (online video classes)

Many organizations use network drives to store and preserve documents and information. Usually these drives are used by several employees. Without proper alignment on how to use these shared drives and files a cluttered collection of unmanageable information will be created. In this course you will learn how to construct a simple and accessible folder structure and use logical and understandable filenames. Ultimately, this leads to less search time and a higher percentage of documents found. In addition, a good document storage  system results in the necessary compliance and governance .

Target audience

This course is meant for all information specialists who deal with large quantities of data stored in shared files on network drives.


After this training you will understand the importance of proper document and records management and will be able to set up an accessible archive with an effective structure which is used and accepted by the organisation.


During this 4 day workshop our lecturer will guide you through the course material in an interactive and practical way to ensure that you not only get the required knowledge and insight but develop your skills as well.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Records Management (RM) & the organisation
  • The importance of RM for an organisation
  • Management of records and archives
  • Management of digital information
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Standards, regulations and law
  • Records Management continuum
  • Document Life Cycle
  • Structure of archives
  • Accessibility of records and archives
  • User focused records management

24 June, 1 & 8 July 2024 ( 3 x 3 hour online video-classes)

13, 20 & 27 November 2024 ( 3 x 3 hour online video-classes)

USD 275,00 (VAT exempt)



3 sessions of 3 hours from 07:00 PM – 10:00 PM CET

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