Advanced Internet Search (Online video classes)

Internet search? It all seems so easy. Just Google and you will always find the right relevant information. Or don’t you?  We, as Information Specialists, all know there is often a lot more to be found than the first page of Google results. How do we get beyond the first search results? Searching for and finding the desired information is therefore more challenging than ever before.


When you finished this course you are able to search deeper using more sophisticated search strategies so that you can find better and relevant results more quicklly and efficiently.

Target audience

This course is aimed at Information Specialists who are dealing with or executing (complex) searches on the Internet


A large part of this course is done by self-study. At the start, mid-term and at the end there will be ‘Skype’-sessions’ with the teacher and your fellow students. During the course we will give you access to several documents, articles and video’s via our dedicated learning space


The Advanced Internet Search course covers the following topics:

  • Tips for better search
    • determine the appropriate search strategy
    • systematic search
    • use the best search engines
    • intelligent searches
  • Better/Optimal use of Google
    • settings and filters
    • selecting and assessing results
  • Introduction of search for Sound and Vision
  • Beyond Google: other (specialist ) search capabilities
  • Management of search tools
  • Alerting services
  • Different types of search engines and how they work
    • indexing
    • relevance
    • ranking
  • Trends in the development of search engines
  • Choice of terms
  • Search engines
    • doubles
    • compare
    • judge
    • reverse searching
  • Nuances in finding
    • numbers
    • punctuation
    • diacritics
  • Search strategy
    • speed
    • order
    • assessment during search

4 & 11 November 2024 ( 2 x 3 hour online sessions)


$ 95,00 (VAT exempt)



2 x 3 hours sessions from 07:00 PM – 10:00 PM CET

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