Computers in Libraries, organized and produced by Information Today, Inc., provides a unique, annual opportunity for library and information professionals from all over the world to gather and discuss the myriad of ways technology impacts libraries and the people who use them. Join us in Arlington, VA this March 12 – 14 to learn, share, and celebrate the technologies and people that are shaping the future of libraries.

Coming out of challenging times, libraries have the opportunity to create their own exciting futures with technology, partnerships, passion and commitment. As we head toward 2030, the Year of the Dog and prosperous wealth, we plan to let our imagination bloom with crazy ideas, blue-sky dreams, and creative innovations in an effort to go beyond where we have been to venture toward unknown pathways. Our communities deserve our spirit and resources as they carve a path to the future. What’s your wildest dream for your library community?

Computers in Libraries 2024 will highlight the library innovation and leading technology to help make your wildest dreams come true! Be ready to interact with our experienced and practical speakers; learn and gain insights and ideas from our leading-edge topics; and take home innovative plans for your library and community. No matter what your job role, or what type of library or organization, you’ll find that all of the bases are covered.

GO | School for Information takes part in CIL 2024 as an exhibitor. Visit us at booth 108 and learn everything about our continuous professional education programs!

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