Professional internet research (Online)


In times of Information Overload it is very important to be able to ‘filter’. This is especially true for information specialists who deal with supporting research. The secret of effective and efficient searching for information lies in the skill to formulate a clear research question, a structured approach and the right search strategy. Only when these […]

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Introduction Data Management for GLAM (online)


Correct, timely and complete data and information are the artery for efficient business operations and decision-making in every organisation. With a data architecture, including rules, models and standards, an organization has a powerful tool to ensure that the data in IT systems meet the established standards. This allows data exchange to take place much more […]

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Life Hacks for Information Specialists (Online)


As information specialist we live a busy life. Among the many tasks we have helping people find their way through huge amounts of available information, instructing them how to search, find and manage information or explain how some information systems or databases work probably takes the most of our time.

Design Thinking for GLAM-professionals


2 x 3-hour online course, in which you will learn how to start Design Thinking in order to optimally align your solutions and services with the needs and behaviour of the user. Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype […]

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Content curation (Online)


In times of information overload it is important that the right person gets the right  information on the right time on the right device, presented in the right way with a minimum of effort. Sounds like a mission impossible, but a Content Curator takes care of this.


Basic Patent Information Course – Online (BPIC)

GO opleidingen | School for information Charlotte van Pallandtlaan 18, Voorburg

Succesful innovation is inseperable from the proper use of Patent Information, both concern the legal-patent aspects as well as the technical-scientific aspects of the innovation process. However, the use of Patent Information is often far from optimal for the following reasons: The lack of knowledge with the material, on one hand with the scope/meaning of […]