Lifelong learning and Continuous Education are essential for Information Professionals to remain successful in this fast moving field of information services. GO | School for Information provides the opportunity of professional skill enhancement to keep your competencies up to date. We help you in maintaining and growing the added value of your work for your organization.

GO | School for Information provides a broad portfolio of skill enhancement courses for professionals. Our advantage over peer teaching institutions:

  1. We have a comprehensive and experienced teaching staff (permanent and free-lance teachers) who are experts in their fields, knowledgeable about the latest trends, updated on the latest developments and specialized in combining theory and professional work experience with practical exercises.
  2. We teach our students how to apply theoretical knowledge into their daily workflow, enabling their professional development and skill enhancement.
  3. Our classes (face-to-face and online) are taught in an interactive, engaging, learning environment using modern technologies.
  4. We offer In-company training on select topics to make sure the curriculum fits your needs and wishes.

What Programs Do We Offer this Spring?

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In case you miss a topic you would like to attend a course / workshop in, please let us know at eric.kokke@schoolforinformation.orgĀ