On 16 & 17 October GO | School for Information was one of the ‘Gold’ sponsors of the International Library Innovation convention in London, UK. As a ‘first timer’ we were impressed with the good atmosphere and the spirit of the organisers, speakers / workshop leaders and all the delegates.

During our conversations with all the delegates and as well when visiting as many sessions a possible we learnt a lot about the challenges the libraries and librarians of today face on a daily basis. But we got to know many great initiatives and best practices from all around the world. It was good to see that our courses seems to connect with the demands of professional development in the library world. At the same time we found that there are many more opportunities to expand our portfolio with workshops on skills that are very useful for the modern librarian.

Just a few examples on course we will add to our agenda the coming weeks are ‘writing blogs’, ‘Virtual Reality in the library’, ‘Tools to make our life easier, more efficient and more effective’, ‘Customer Focused Communication’, ‘Quality, Risk, Businesscase and Change Management’…. and probably many more topics that should help you to transform in an ‘Information Hero’!

Keep an eye at our website to make sure you won’t miss a course!