GO | School for Information proudly presents the

‘On the GO Master Workshops Series’.


‘In one day from idea to action!’

What is it?

Series of interactive online sessions on a current topic in the field of Information Services (Libraries, Archives, Records Management and Information Governance). These sessions will be led by a prominent expert (Master) on the selected topic.


Experts (Masters) lead the session with an introductory presentation. This is followed by a ‘hands-on’ workshop, focused on translation of the content of the presentation into daily practice at your workplace.


  • Up-to-date knowledge on trending topics
  • Insights gathered to enable the participants to introduce the topics within their own organization
  • Delivery of a toolkit of resources for immediate implementation at the workplace

Target audience:

The Master workshops are aimed at: 

  • Managers, Team leaders, Project managers, Directors, Supervisors

What’s in it for me?

  • Quickly get up-to-date on trending topics through a presentation by a prominent expert (the Master)
  • Concrete tips / guidance to introduce the topic within your organization
  • First steps towards building a toolkit of resources that meets the needs of your organization
  • Collaborating and networking with like-minded colleagues
  • Gather Insights! Ideate! Innovate! Implement!


The series of Master Workshops will start from September 2024.


  • Entrepreneurship in information services
  • AI in information services
  • Emerging technologies
  • Innovation
  • Green Archiving
  • Leadership
  • Transition of information services towards community based organizations

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