Our presenters of day 1

Dr. Rosemarie Heath

Dr. Rosemarie Heath is the Head of  the Department of Library and Information Studies (DLIS) at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica.  Dr. Heath is dual-qualified and experienced as an educator and librarian and has published primarily in the areas of media and information literacy, academic librarianship, and children’s literature. She has served at the Library and Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA) at the executive level for several years, two of which, she served as First and Second Vice President.




Daniel Coore

Prof. Daniel Coore is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computing at the UWI, Mona.  His current research interests are in complex systems, robotics and automation, and computer science education.  He has taught courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, spanning a broad range of areas including algorithms, theory of computation, language processing and cryptography.  His teaching and research activities have exposed him to a broad cross-section of disciplines, particularly in Science, Engineering and Education, and he has a keen interest in the problems that exist at the boundaries between these disciplines.  He is also a co-inventor of the UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator: a computer-controlled device that simulates a patient undergoing open-heart surgery, and is suitable for training cardiac surgeons in both basic and advanced procedures. Prof. Coore obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering (1994), a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (1994), and a Ph.D. in Computer Science (1999), all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Erik Boekesteijn

Erik Boekesteijn  is Senior Advisor at the National Library at the Netherlands (KB). Library Avenger. Consultant Public Libraries 2020 and founding father of Public Libraries 2030. Facilitator and consultant for IFLA. Owner of Shanachie Media and producer of This Week in Libraries and ShanachieTours, a worldwide tour of searching for best practice in libraries. Presenter, motivator, musician and author.
-LJ’s Mover and Shaker of the Library world 2009.
-Best Librarian in the Netherlands 2015.



Dr. Ruth Baker-Gardner

Ruth Baker-Gardner is a lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Studies at The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. She has over thirty-four years of experience in teaching at various levels of the education system. Her research interests include school librarianship, teacher induction and academic integrity. Her first single authored book titled Academic Integrity in the Caribbean: Plagiarism Policies, Perception, Prevalence and Possible Solutions was published in 2022.Recent Publication:Baker-Gardner, R. (2022). Academic Integrity in the Caribbean Plagiarism Policies, Perception, Prevalence and Possible Solutions. UWI Press.UWI Press: https://www.uwipress.com/9789766409210/academic-integrity-in-the-caribbean/Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Academic-Integrity-Caribbean-Plagiarism-Perception/dp/9766409218/ref=sr_1_9?qid=1683930280&refinements=p_27%3ARuth+Gardner&s=books&sr=1-9


Wilson Tsu

Wilson Tsu, Founder & CEO.  Wilson founded PowerNotes in 2016 based on his experience with digital research and writing in law school and business school while in Northwestern University’s joint JD/MBA program during the mid-2000’s. This experience was contrasted to his print research and writing training while attending Cornell University in the mid-90’s when he received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering.

His current position as a startup founder and entrepreneur has been the most enjoyable and rewarding of his life. He has also practiced law at Kirkland & Ellis and was an engineer for several years at IBM.




Eric Kokke

Eric started working as an Education / Marketing manager in the world of libraries, archives and museums 2003. Since then he worked for two educational institutes specialised in archiving, information retrieval and document management. From the start he had a keen interest in digitalisation of information and the consequences for the information specialist. Since June 2021 Eric is responsible for the development of a generic education program for all Information Professionals working for the Dutch Government. As a part of this project he is currently focusing on competence profiles for the Information Specialist of 2030.

Eric is a board member of the KNVI (Royal Dutch Association for informationprofessionals), an  editor the magazines Od (Governmental Information) and IP (Information Professional).