Last week (21-25 Sepember) GO | School for Information was part of the CIL/IL Connect 2020 Conference. This year was a first for us. Not only in taking part in this highly recommended conference, but doing it totally online as well. And we loved it. Thanks to the tight organistion and close to flawless technical infrastructure we had a great time.

With more then over 160 speakers and 60 sessions there was plenty on offer for every participants. We learned a lot, got plenty of inspiration and made new friends!

We did welcome a lot of visitors in our virtual booth. A great way to inform delegates on our portfolio of courses. And of course we did 2 sessions as well. A discussion on how we dealt with Covid-19 in the early stages of the pandemic and a session on ‘How to promote your online services online’.

You can still attend this session on Youtube: