Dring 2020 – 2021 GO | School for Information and the National Database Suriname (NDS) cooperated in the executing of an expansive education program for (aspiring) Library professionals. There were good reasons to start this program on both operational as strategic level.

Jane Smith (Chair of the NDS): “The continuity of library management in Suriname is currently under threat. Setting up a Library School Suriname gives added value to the library sector, so that the continued existence of information institutions in Suriname is guaranteed. In Suriname there is no training for librarians or a library school. Most libraries have staff with a higher secundary diploma, trained on-the-job with sometimes more than 10 years of work experience in the library, but without formal library education. Unfortunately, many do not have a Bachelor’s degree. Many staff members are highly motivated to continue their studies and to be considered for a higher position within the library organization. This underlines the need to look at career development opportunities. It is essential that the various libraries are managed by individuals with leadership capacities, especially qualified librarians. Over the years, there have been various courses, training courses, etc. organized, so that expertise has been continuously promoted.”

With this situation in mind GO | School for Information developed a tailor made program for Library Assistants and Library Managers. After a difficult start, due to the Covid-19 situation in Suriname, we concluded the last module, ‘Marketing for Information Services’, earlier this month. Local and International teachers provided (both online as in the classroom) worked for almost 2 years with the students to make sure they are up for the new challenges in their professional life!

Later this year we will hand over the well deserved diplomas to the certified Library Assistenst and Library Managers in a nice ceremony.

Interested in a simular program? Contact us per email on info@schoolforinformation.org