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Content Curation

What else is out there except the World Wide Web? (Online)

An information professional does not think Google, an information professional thinks sources. Especially now, in the Internet age, where many wrongly assume that the Internet is just the World Wide Web (WWW) and forget about all the other sources on the Internet that are not WWW.

Information Retrieval

Building Blocks Search Strategy (Online)

This course will solve an issues that many information professionals are dealing with on a day to day basis: how to keep track in a systematic and structured way of your queries while doing online research and be able to continue your research on a later date without starting all over again.

Social Media

Introduction in Information for Sustainable Development (Online)

Well organized information: up-to-date, complete and reliable is an essential basis for sustainable development, preparation for the impacts of climate change and risk management.

This course is also available in Spanish and Dutch


MARC is of great importance for the digital exchange of information. It is widely used as the standard format for bibliographic data. An Information specialists has every reason to get to know MARC 21

Records Management

Records Management

Managing and preserving documents is essential for the daily operations for every organisation. Especially governance and compliance are important in the digital era.

(Este curso también está disponible en español)

Patent Information

Basic Patent Information Course (BPIC)

Succesful innovation is inseparable from the proper use of Patent Information. However, the management of Patent Information comes with its own issues.

Internet search

Intelligent searching with intelligent queries (online)

One of the most important parts of online research is in-depth knowledge on Boolean logic in information retrieval. Without a good understanding of the five main Boolean operators, no search makes any sense.

Innovative techniques and skills in the library

New media applications make it possible to do much more with information than before. Get acquainted with various state-of-the-art information applications to be used during your daily work in the library.

Records Management

Internal Information Management

Organizations produce and acquire information in ever increasing quantities. But how do we keep the overview?

Este curso también está disponible en español

Patent Information

Introduction in Management of Space Information

Organizations with activities related to subjects such as: sustainable development, climate change and management of risks increasingly use information derived from observations from earth orbiting satellites.

Este curso también está disponible en español

Internet search

Life Hacks for Information Specialists

There are a lot of free tools available to make our (information) life easier. Learn how to use them in an professional environment.

Marketing of Information Services

As an Information Professional you have a lot to offer. Learn how to make sure your Information Services are getting the attention they deserve!

Latest news

Conozca a nuestro docente Paul Geerders

Conozca a nuestro docente Paul Geerders

Nuestro docente Paul Geerders fue parte de estos interesantes talleres. En el marco del proyecto EO4SD de la Agencia Espacial Europea, y en cooperacion con el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), el 15 al 19 de Octubre 2018 se organizó un taller de 5 días...

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GO presente en la feria Acuril con 3 talleres

GO presente en la feria Acuril con 3 talleres

Este año GO dará 3 talleres y una presentación durante Acuril 2019 en Aruba del 30 de mayo al 6 de junio. Acuril un seminario para profesionales de la información. Mas info here: https://www.smore.com/x9tvk-acuril-2019-aruba-presentations?ref=email

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For more then 65 years GO | School for Information is specialist educator in the field of Information Services. We offer a wide range of courses for information professionals. All activities are practical and immediately applicable in your daily work.

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An Information Hero is like a superhero, but instead of dealing with natural disaster, creepy criminals or lifethreathening situations he / she deals with the superpower of information!

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