As the central theme of Acuril 2016 was ‘Leadership’ we just had to do a workshop on Change management. So as one of the last session of the Acuril conference we were scheduled on thursday 9th june just before the final wrap up. About 20 attendees were brave enough to dive in the complex matter of Change.

The workshop started with a little questionnaire on organisational culture. Change is hard no matter what, so a bit of awareness on the culture of your organisation at least gives an insight in what to expect. The attendees thought about their current situation and the ideal situation. As many times before in this kind of worshops the difference was quite big. Most attendees would like to move from a power culture to a more task or people culture.

After that we discussed the essentials aspects of succesful change and what could happen if some of those key elemenst are missing. To make it a bit more cheerful at the end of an intensive and very interesting conference we used plenty of cartoons to make clear what happens if you don’t take change serious!

Download the full presentation here!