GO | School for Information provides 2 short online courses on search this August. Both courses are part of our 70th anniversary programm and therefore cost only USD 70,-

17 August 2020: What else is out there except the World Wide Web?

  • 3 hour online session on the Global Digital Information Landscape beyond the World Wide Web.
  • https://goopleidingen.nl/module/what-else-is-out-there-except-the-world-wide-web-online-70-years-go


21 August 2020: ‘Intelligent searching with intellingent queries

  • 3 hours online in depth┬ácourse on Boolean searchin for professionals.
  • https://goopleidingen.nl/module/intelligent-searching-with-intelligent-queries-online-70-years-go-school-for-information


Your lecturer is Arno Reuser, OSINT specialist.