In recent weeks, dozens of Information specialists of the UKB  attended courses on MARC21 and RDA. UKB is the collaboration platform of National Library and the university libraries. They have an essential role in scientific information services.

At the moment the affiliated libraries are in the transition from a national to an international information infrastructure. Cataloging therefore will increasingly take place in WorldCat, part of the WorldShare Platform OCLC.   The goal of this transition is take advantage of the economies of scale in international cooperation and better streamlining of all sorts of library processes.

To make this move successful a good understanding of MARC21 and RDA is necessary. MARC21 is the database format of bibliographic databases. RDA is the new rules for the describing titles and catalogueing.  

Therefore the UKB consortium asked GO | School for Information to organise a four-day training progamm on MARC21 and RDA in 2015 and 2016. So far over 100 participants have taken the course and are now fully aware of the new working methods!